Customer Mike K

Omor is a true talent. He always strives to be ahead of the curve, studies and educates himself on his craft. He works so hard to be the best and provides the best service to all his clients. Working with Omor is a pleasure and he always provides me with confidence. Omor is a great leader, trend setter, and a great professional.

Customer Jon G

Passionate about perfection’ is a phrase that comes to mind when I think of Omor Okagbare. We have collaborated on projects within his educational realm and professional endeavors in the last seven years. His attention to detail is above reproach. Omor has this sincere and genuine way of making people feel relaxed and assured, either in a room full of people or one-on-one. I can attest, that you will be in great hands with Omor as your personal stylist.

Customer Alan P

Of the several personal stylists I have worked with over my 25+ year career, Omor is absolutely the best. His knowledge and candid feedback tailored to my specific body type has improved the fit and style of my wardrobe, from business to casual. I get several compliments on my attire, which I can only attribute to Omor. Moreover, he is responsive to my inquires, whether in person, by email, or by text. Further, he is efficient when shopping, which I greatly appreciate as I prefer to shop quickly.

Customer Tina T

I have worked with Omor for well over 10 years at Nordstrom's mens department at Fashion Square. He has been remarkable in his service, and his ability to always find just the right item I am in need of. He has a great sense of fashion and how it works best in a tasteful, professional manner. I would highly recommend Omor to anyone looking for a personal stylist, he is the best!

Customer Paul R

Omor is very detailed oriented in his presentation and listening abilities. He provides an eagerness to give efficient quality customer service with a positive attitude. Paul R. (Phoenix, AZ)

Customer Mrs Franklin

I've known Omor for more than ten years, and in that time I have had the privilege of seeing and experiencing what TRUE professional service should be. Omor takes pride in all that he does and it shows clearly through his attitude, character, and personality. He is earnest in his desire to win/earn trust and is willing to share his opinion in a thoughtful manner. In whatever he does it is my conviction that he does it "all-in".