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Styling Tip - Blazer

There’s a reason the blazer is every young man introduction to the world of tailored clothing. It’s easy, basic and smart. Blazer are dressier than sport coats but not as formal as suit jackets.  Traditionally, a blazer is wool, navy blue or solid with a pocket, and has distinct buttons. Blazers have a looser fit compared to suit jackets. It has all the versatility of your favorite hooded sweatshirt-the key is to make it your own. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Many men have been confounded by the prospect of what to wear over a blazer on a cold or chilly night. Try layer underneath your blazed, A cashmere sweater or even a hoodie with keep you felling cozy while looking hip.

Styling Tip - Sportcoat

Sportcoat is generally a term that refers to any tailored jacket that’s not a part of a suit. Sportcoats are frequently patterned and feature more eye-catching designs. Sportcoats come in every fabric under the sun, from wool to linen, leather to seersucker. 

So if you’re shopping for a sportcoat make sure you focus is on the fit, color and style. You should try it on with just a T-shirt as well as a dress shirt to make sure it’s not too big. Pay particular attention to the shoulders - the shoulder seam should not extend beyond the end of your own shoulder.  

In recent years the shape of the sportcoat has evolved as the world became more casual, these days sportcoats are deconstructed and comfortable, which makes them easy to move around in. This way they actually feel sporty, instead of just looking that way. 

The sportcoat is truly a staple for the modern man, the ultimate investment. The sportcoat will take you from the office to dinner, creating one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe; the perfect bridge between the casual world and the formal world.

Styling Tip - White Dinner Jacket

A white dinner jacket is a semi-formal evening jacket that is primarily distinguished by the shawl collar as well as the satin facing on the buttons. There also tends to be a similar satin stripe along the outer seam of the trousers that are being worn, except in is nearly always black. The dinner jacket is made of a light-weight wool, which allows it to be comfortable in all types of weather, including hotter, tropical climates. A white dinner jacket is also able to be dressed up for serious events, as well as dressed down for those that don’t have such a formality to them.


As men’s fashion has continued to evolve, men are given so many more choices in terms of the styles that they go with; from classic to contemporary and everything in between. However, in this day and age, when it comes to wearing a white dinner jacket, it definitely shows something fresh and different than what every other man is wearing.


Contrary to the name, there are many ways to changes the look of a dinner jacket; the best way to think about it, is to compare it to a fancy blazer. However, unlike a traditional blazer, you are limited on how and what you can wear with it because of its white color. You can wear the dinner jacket causally with an open collar shirt, dark denim jeans and your choice of bow tie, or dress it up with a spread collar and tuxedo pants. Whichever way that you choose to wear the white dinner jacket, always remember that the most important part is to be true to your own style.

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Styling Tip - (Suits)

#1: How you choose to wear a suit is as important as the suit itself, your accessories determines the look.


#2: Sometimes you’ll hear a suit fit referred to as athletic, which simply means is slightly shorter than the traditional suit, with a higher armhole and a softer shoulder. 


#3: Never wear a suit more than twice in a week, once a week should be your goal. 


#4: Changing your look shows more than an investment in your appearance. It demonstrates that you’re capable of shifting your mode of thinking and extends the life of your suit.

Style Tip #5