I've known Omar for more than ten years, and in that time I have had the privilege of seeing and experiencing what TRUE professional service should be. Omar takes pride in all that he does and it shows clearly through his attitude, character, and personality. He is earnest in his desire to win/earn trust and is willing to share his opinion in a thoughtful manner. Willa M


Omor is very detailed oriented in his presentation and listening abilities. He provides an eagerness to give efficient quality customer service with a positive attitude. Paul J. (Phoenix, AZ)"


Of the several personal stylists I have worked with over my 25+ year career, Omor is absolutely the best. His knowledge and candid feedback tailored to my specific body type has improved the fit and style of my wardrobe, from business to casual. I get several compliments on my attire, which I can only attribute to Omor. Moreover, he is responsive to my inquires, whether in person, by email, or by text. Further, he is efficient when shopping, which I greatly appreciate as I prefer to shop quickly. Alan P


When I shop for clothing and accessories, I know just where to go. And I'm ALWAYS delighted with the exceptional service. I wouldn't think of shopping at Nordstrom without "my guy" Omar. Each and every time he assists me with expertise, professionalism, and a delightful attitude. He knows how to make me look good. THANK YOU, OMAR! I frequently recommend Omar to my friends! Ray B


Passionate about perfection’ is a phrase that comes to mind when I think of Omor Okagbare. We have collaborated on projects within his educational realm and professional endeavors in the last seven years. His attention to detail is above reproach. Omor has this sincere and genuine way of making people feel relaxed and assured, either in a room full of people or one-on-one. I can attest, that you will be in great hands with Omor as your personal stylist. Jon G


When it comes to Style and Good Taste nobody beats Mr. Omor Okagbare. He is the penultimate embodiment of Style and Taste and I know I don't have time to keep UP on what's HOT and what's NOT. Your appearance and personal best couldn't be in better hands Sincerely Don G


Omor has always been very devoted to delivering the best service and professionalism to his clients. His styling tips and knowledge of the clothing industry makes shopping with him a breeze. He can dress men of all ages and those who are on a budget or those who just won the lottery. He goes out of his way to make your experience the best; he even got me a last minute.

- Garrett N.

I have known Omor for 15 years. In that time, not only has be become a trusted fashion source, but a true friend—one that cares about my family and I. He is someone who is not driven my money, but by the personal connections he makes. I recommend Omor to anyone looking to smile while shopping at Nordstrom.

- Marc N.

Omor continues his excellence in customer service and attention in his chosen field of work. His attention to detail helps me stage my look to potential and existing clients. I can always depend on Omor to act as a personal consultant to my decision making processes.

- Alan S.

Omor has terrific people skills and always helpful and enthusiastic. Recently pulled slacks and a sport coat for me and they were just what I was looking for. Highly recommend Omor for his style advice and service!

- Tom A.

Omor is extremely committed to providing the kind of attentive and highly competent service that makes building my wardrobe a pleasure, instead of a chore. He is very adept at selecting styles and fashions that fit, yet also enhance, my personal style.

- William R.

"Omor's dedication, experience and genuine concern for customer service are noteworthy; I can count on his undivided attention and respectful recommendations each time I shop; his admirable character and pleasant salesmanship are greatly appreciated."

- James E.

Omor did in assisting me in getting my tuxedo and of course helping to engage you in getting my fiancé’s wedding dress squared away as well. I really appreciated Omor’s professionalism and how he did everything in his power to make me happy with my tuxedo. He did a great job of leading me through each decision in the buying process and checked in with me to make sure that we were on track and not missing anything. He’s a real asset to Nordstrom and your store. Thanks!

- Jade C.

Thank you so much for a fabulous shopping experience. It was an completely new experience to be shopping with a professional!

- Irina K.

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